'The Whisper of Serpents'


FBI Special Agent Michael di Rossi has one purpose: to bring international crime lord William Chiang to justice. In his pursuit, he finds himself in charge of investigating wealthy tycoon Conrad Arthur Dupree and his corporation's alleged ties to the Chiang Organization. Enter Lieutenant Kathryn O'Rourke, the hardened homicide detective whose own bloody past with Chiang has left her but a shell of her former self. Who now, via her involvement in the multi-jurisdictional investigation of Conrad Dupree, is loathe to discover that the wily and sadistic Mr. Chiang is back to wreak havoc in her life after nearly a decade of haunting silence. At the eye of the storm is shy and intellectually gifted Bobby Dupree. The misfit son of larger-than-life Conrad and Evelyn Dupree finds himself alone as he searches for refuge in the wake of the grisly murder that takes place in his home. A murder that draws the attention of the masses and rocks a nation to its core.

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Terror Reimagined

Excerpt from: 'The Whisper of Serpents'

Meet the Characters

Senior Homicide Detecive Kathryn O'Rourke

Originally from rural New Jersey, Senior Homicide Detective Kathryn O'Rourke relocated to the Great Pacific Northwest a couple years after college to pursue her career in law enforcement. She rapidly gained a reputation for being relentless in her pursuit of those she who sought to disrupt the law she swore to uphold. And with her loving husband Phillip and daughter Amanda by her side there was nothing she felt she couldn't accomplish at the start of her career.

But it would be the investigation into a fraud ring in those early years that would change her forever. Young and bright-eyed, she'd jumped at the undercover assignment. What no one knew until the end of the investigation was that the fraudsters were the minions of fabled international crime lord WIlliam Chiang. Now, some eight years later, O'Rourke is still but a shell of her former self as a result of the recompense that Chiang chose to exact on her and her family for her interference in his affairs.

Special Agent Michael di Rossi

FBI Special Agent Michael di Rossi is driven wholly by his quest to track and capture William Chiang. His dilemma remains what it's been since he eperienced the power of the Chiang Organization the better part of a decade ago: does William Chiang actually exist or is the name just the symbol of the most highly concentrated form of evil known to modern society?

To this day, he despises himself for the mutiple lows that he's allowed his pursuit of Chiang to  bring him to. Indeed, Chiang had taken a great deal from him and di Rossi won't stop until he takes it back.  In spades.

Conrad Dupree

It was from the womb of poverty that the will to succeed was  born in Conrad Arthur Dupree. Growing up inthe slums of Ft. Worth, Texas in the 1960's, the future CEO was known for his big dreams and even better known for his magnetism and charisma. Even in the hand-me-downs he wore as a kid, there was something about the way he walked that gave folks the sense that Conrad Dupree was destined for great things.

Now, in the most crucial place of his life, he wonders if he can pay the price that his alliances have wrought upon him.  It is the first time in his life that he has ever doubted himself, the first time he wishes he could go back instead of moving forward.  Because forward is where the unknown lies, forward could be the place of his demise.  He now has no choice but to fight against incredible odds to reverse the terrible chain of events that he himself put in place years before.

Morris Carghill

Ever the proper rogue, Englishman Morris Carghill relishes  his role as one of the top emissaries of the Chiang Organization. It is rumored that Carghill is one of the few individuals who has seen William Chiang face to face and actually lived to tell the story.

Carghill is wholly committed to his life of treachery, deceit and international plunder.  He will not hesitate to take the life of anyone he deems a threat to himself  or the organization to which he has sworn lifelong loyalty.  He has no regrets for his chosen profession.  In fact, to live any other way in his mind would be complete and utter rubbish.

Robert "Bobby" Dupree

Bobby Dupree is the timid yet intelectually gifted son of wealthy and socially prominent Conrad and Evelyn Dupree. For all his intellect, it continues to elude him as to why his father is so cold toward him and his siblings. The only rationale that he  and his two brothers and sister could ever come up with is that their father is a very  busy man who experiences a great deal of pressure on a daily basis.

Bobby still loves his father, still believes in the goodness in him and does all he can to help him.  But he finds there is nothing he can do when forces beyond his control take over and turn the Dupree household upside down.  As events unfold, Bobby finds himself in the glare of the worldwide media as a bloody and horrific chain of events unfold.


What the readership is saying ...

And although the story is captivating from the first page, the final chapters whiplash the reader as the momentum builds to the incredible climax. - Barbara Kent, author of Success in the Words of the Masters

I wasn't sure what to expect from this first-time author, but after reading The Whisper of Serpents, I can tell you that I definitely want to see more books from A. Lawrence Haskins. This story has so much going on; the characters have so much depth and if you consider yourself fairly savvy when it comes to having things "all figured out," you owe it to yourself to be truly surprised by the twists and surprising turns in this book. - Tonia Davenport, Editor, North Light Books

Each character in this book is described with such detail that I could actually picture them in my minds eye. I would be sorely disappointed if this book and subsequent novels from A. Lawrence Haskins didnt make it to the movie screen! I look forward to reading more books by Mr. Haskins!! - Rachelle Kuhn, New York City, New York

This book had me captivated from the first paragraph! The characters developed effortlessly, to the point where it felt like I was watching a movie with subtitles rather than holding a book and reading. I could visualize every detail ... I analyzed each situation and hung onto the words until I thought I had it all figured out. But that was not to be! The amazing climax of the story is like no other I have read. I was amazed by having to read what happened. Why didn't I figure it out? This is a truly brilliant and gifted author. I look forward to more! - Kelly A. Clark

I tend not to read new authors but ... A.Lawrence Haskins ability describe the characters in such depth allowed me to instantly connect with them and the image in my mind. - Marshella Sacks, Tacoma, Washington

Wow! I just have a hard time putting this book down. It's so well written that I can visualize the cast of characters, and events as I read. The detectives talk just they way many do in real life. The only question is, when is the movie of this comming out? - Rebecca J. Orton, Buffalo, New York

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