'What Remains'

The past has a reckoning for us all.

PART I: From the stark and ignoble perch of captivity’s iron embrace, the good boy turned MADMAN finally speaks of his role in the horrific and sordid events that left those he loved most laid waste in his vengeful and murderous wake.

PART II: The French Quarter’s hypnotic veil of revelrous merriment is torn utterly asunder when the PEACE OFFICER discovers there that things are very rarely as they seem, that the past is always present and that the dead do in fact live.

PART III: In the mountains high above Shenzhen Province is where the illusive yet ubiquitous CRIME ICON emerges from the shadows just long enough to deliver a sinister and crushing blow to the heart of one of his most relentless, enduring and impudent foes.

Three separate stories, one connected path. “WHAT REMAINS: A SHORT STORY TRILOGY” focuses individually on the life trajectories of Robert “Bobby” Dupree, Detective Kathryn O'Rourke and international crime icon William Chiang seven years after the pulse pounding events that took place in the acclaimed debut suspense thriller,

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Some things can never be forgotten ...

Excerpt from: 'What Remains'

Meet the Characters

Captain Kathryn O'Rourke

It's been seven years since the case of a lifetime. Seven years since she emerged not unscathed from the tenebrous and maniacal depths that almost cost her her career, her reputation and not least of all, her life. Seven years since she faced the unlikely incarnation of evil that was the young and seemingly inocuous Bobby Dupree.

Now the captain in charge of the newly formed Bureau of Homicide for the state of Washington, O'Rourke is a woman who, while being cautiously optimistic, has learned to count her blessings. But in a world where nothing is as it seems, O'Rourke finds it increasingly difficult to discern if the latest challenge before her is a blessing from the bosom of angels or a curse from the darkest corner of hell. Whether fortune or peril, she will not turn away from fate's uncertain embrace until her path is fulfilled.

Bobby Dupree

He's never uttered a word regarding his role in the horrific events that took place the better part of a decade ago. Events that led to the ones he loved most being laid waste in his murderous wake. But now, in his defining hour, Bobby Dupree has decided to break his silence. Is he just a terribly misunderstood and tortured soul or is he in fact the picture of the stark-raving mad man the nation's media has painted him to be? The madman speaks ... and he invites you to listen.


William Chiang

As ruthless as he is elusive, international crime icon William Chiang has frustrated the intercontinental law enforcement community's efforts aimed at his apprehension for more than five decades. His empire was built on the bones of his enemies and thrives today via the hold of terror the mere mention of his name inspires in both his subordinates and his foes. Drug trafficking, arms dealing, extortion, political corruption, murder-for-hire ... There isn't an illegal enterprise that Chiang does not have his seemingly ubiquitous hands in. His ears and eyes are everywhere. He is evil incarnate. He is the unfogiving and unyielding reckoning for any and everyone who would dare oppose the force of his maleficent will.